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International Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science-Park
Book Ordering System
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Every student in IBSH should order textbooks for the next school year.

Please download the textbook file here:2019 Textbook List.
Please download the ordering information:Notice to Textbook Order.
This system is opened on April 22nd. ~ May 12th. , 2019.
      Procedures to Order Textbooks:
(1) Log into Book-Order System. Activate your account through First Login or Forgot Password? link if you have forgotten password or have NEVER logged into this system before. (See attachment #4 - #6)
(2) Check & confirm the books you need to order from the booklist and start to choose textbooks.
(3) Add the selected books to the shopping cart.
(4) Go to “My Cart” and confirm your order.
(5) Before you log out of the system, please go to “My Order” to double check the list of books you have ordered.
      (Please do so, otherwise your order may fail to process)
      You may change the list before May 12, 2019. (See attachment #7-#10)
(6) The book order list and payment notice will be delivered to the student before summer vacation or mailed to parent with student’s transcript in July. Payment is due
      before August 9, 2019.
(7) Pick up your textbooks between 08:30am-11:30am on August 27, 2019 at school. (the exact location will be announced then)

If you have any questions about the system,
please email Mr. Gary Cheng at:

phone number: +886-3-5777011 ext. 288

Address: 300 Jieshou Rd. Hsinchu, Taiwan 300-78, R. O. C. TEL:+886-3-5777011  FAX:+886-3-5785565
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